Dead in the Water

A nightmare at sea;
Remembering the Voice of the Mariners

Dead in the Water
A nightmare at sea

A dream boat vacation
that never came true
became a huge nightmare
for tourists and crew.

With carnival chaos
and near mutiny,
some four thousand people
were drifting at sea.

The splendor of cruising
was anything but.
No lights. No hot water.
The power was cut.

In darkness, quite hungry
and miles from shore,
the passengers huddled
like prisoners of war.

A voyage from Hades
they won’t soon forget,
complete with a refund
and tons of regret.

And yet if they’re honest
it’s likely they’ll say
their plight on the ocean
taught them all how to pray.

Remembering the Voice of The Mariners
Seattle fans say goodbye to a hall of fame announcer

Dave Niehaus made us feel at home.
His voice was family.
His warm and mellow lilting style
made baseball fun for me.

His play-by-play was upper deck.
Dave called a polished game.
His efforts became recognized.
He’s in the hall of fame.

The Mariners know how to lose.
They’ve proved that through the years.
But now they’ve lost their heart and soul.
Dave’s death has prompted tears.

My, oh, my, this hurts real bad.
What more is there to say
except what he said for home runs…
“So long!” “Fly, fly away!”

Let’s hope that Dave was safe at home.
He could have tagged from third.
A pinch batter hit a sac fly
according to God’s Word.

That substitute was Jesus Christ.
He was our sacrifice.
His sinless life and unjust death
paid our admission price.