She Said, “Yes!”

The royal pair are wedding bound;
High Touch Security

She Said, “Yes!”
So did I.

Engagement news is in the air
for those some call a royal pair.
The speculation’s ended.
It’s official. She said, “Yes!”

But not before the young man asked
permission for her hand to grasp.
And as he blinked back tears of joy,
her father gave ascent.

Her left hand boasts a diamond ring
that makes this princess’ heart to sing.
With it her prince has promised love
that will be ever true.

As if he’d claimed his kingdom’s crown,
he beams with pride to know he’s found
the soulmate for which he has dreamed
since he was just a boy.

These two will soon stand side-by-side
in tux and gown as groom and bride
where they will vow their faithfulness
within the sight of God.

But as for now there’re plans to make,
to sample invites, wines and cake.
To dance with joy while taking time
to picture what’s to come.

No, the above poem does not primarily refer to Prince William and Kate Middleton who announced their engagement this week. It’s really about my middle daughter who got engaged tonight (the day after this poem originally posted). I knew this announcement was forthcoming. I am the father (in the poem) blinking back tears. That happened two weeks ago when my future son-in-law asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage.

I said YES!

High Touch Security
Can’t touch that!

The TSA where I fly from
has grasped the new rules (and then some).
They’re pretty frisky when they touch.
It’s like my body’s braille.

It’s called “hands-on” security.
And that is how it feels to me.
I don’t like being touched that way.
They’ve got their moves down pat.

And there is more, you understand.
The government’s new body scan
is most revealing. Private parts
aren’t private anymore.

I hate this new “pat down” routine
Is it the only way to screen
for terrorists and fugitives?
Please tell me this will end.