Old Man River

The Mississippi’s rage and redemption; A Church’s Open Closet

Old Man River
The Mississippi’s rage and redemption

There’s a cost to saving cities
that someone is forced to pay
although the price of saving them is high.
It’s a picture of redemption
where salvation’s far from cheap
and the goal of saving lives
means dreams must die.

The rage of Old Man River
(like the wrath of Holy God)
is unstoppable and cannot be ignored.
It, by nature, is demanded
and it seems that doom is sure.
But, thank God, salvation finds an open door.

Yes, those spillways that were opened
(and what then was sacrificed)
were a flood of grace and mercy in disguise.
Like the suffering of Jesus
(who absorbed God’s righteous wrath),
what seemed foolish will one day confound the wise.

A Church’s Open Closet
The PCUSA opens the door to the ordination of gays

Getting drunk or viewing porn
is labeled sin. It’s not the norm.
And neither is abusing drugs
or robbing widows blind.

We know it’s wrong to cheat your mate
or in your heart to harbor hate.
To lie or even over-eat
God doesn’t countenance.

The ones He calls to serve His flock
are blemished lambs, but they don’t balk
about the need to turn from sin
(repenting of their past).

It’s only when we own our sin
(confessing it) that we begin
to claim God’s grace and die to self
denying our desires.

Yet homosexuality
is viewed completely differently
within the PCUSA
and other mainline groups.

“Don’t turn from it,” they’re prone to say.
“God thinks it’s fine. He made you gay.
And since He did, you have the right
to lead His church and serve.

“Forget the fact God’s Word is clear
about behavior viewed as queer.
It’s time we claim that times have changed
and rewrite holy writ.”

I wonder what the Lord will say
when they before Him stand one day
and make their case why tolerance
has trumped His timeless truth.