The Giving Game

What Oprah taught me about generosity; A Toast to Oprah’s Success

The Giving Game
What Oprah taught me about generosity

You don’t have to be an Oprah
to touch lives the way she does.
You don’t have to have her money or her fame.
You can make someone feel special
giving them the time of day
and by learning how to play the giving game.

Generosity’s a virtue.
It’s a value to embrace
irregardless of how much they say you’re worth.
Be you wealthy or on welfare
you know someone who’s worse off
who has struggled making ends meet since their birth.

Generosity’s a mind set
that affects your fingers’ grasp.
It’s an indicator of who owns your heart.
It directs your eyes to focus
on a person you can bless
with some unexpected resource you impart.

A Toast to Oprah’s Success
Winfrey’s windfall is more than meets the eye

The spectrum of her brilliant career
began with “The Color Purple”
(and she has been seeing green ever since).
In a direct reversal of Harpo’s wordless ways,
Oprah made her mark with non-stop talk.

For twenty-five years she has hosted (and roasted)
the rich and the famous, the needy and deserving,
the rough and tumble and those who have stumbled
and some who have fallen from grace.

Winfrey’s windfall
has been nothing short of phenomenal.
In the Windy City (and beyond),
the gales of success
sure have carried her far
while the scales waiting nearby
have reminded her
of the ups and downs
of hopes and dreams
(and reality).

But in spite of her weight,
Oprah has pounded her peers
year after year in the ratings game.
This larger-than-life mogul
has tasted the sweetness of making it big.

So a tip of the hat and hoist of the glass
is a most fitting tribute to “O”
as she gives up her gig
and makes cable her home.
Will she make a return?
Who’s to know?

* Here is a link to a written transcript of Oprah’s comments on her final show broadcast this week.