A Christmas Dilemma

Where will you spend the morning of December 25th?; A Baby’s First Christmas

A Christmas Dilemma
Where will you spend the morning of December 25th?

So with Christmas on a Sunday
you will have a choice to make.
Will you go to church or will you stay at home?
It’s a choice we’re rarely given.
and it’s one that’s really hard
(unless, of course, you’ll spend the day alone).

Some might say, “It’s Jesus’ Birthday!
There’s no question what do.
He’s deserving of your presence and your time.
The best gift that you can give Him
is to make sure you’re at church.
Not to be there on His birthday is a crime!”

But, then others aren’t so calloused.
“Christmas mornings are for home.
After all you’ll be at church on Christmas Eve.
Wasn’t Jesus born to free you
from religion’s ball-and-chain?
Isn’t legalism one of His pet peeves?”

So you see, it’s quite confusing.
You can make a case for each.
Starting Christmas Day at church or ’round the tree.
And I’m guessing He (whose birthday
is the reason for the gifts)
is content to leave the choice with you and me.

A Baby’s First Christmas
It really is a gift from God

A baby’s first Christmas
brings joy to the world
of the little one’s mother and dad.
And though far from silent,
the nights are a gift
as they cradle what makes their hearts glad.

Much like Mary and Joseph
they ponder God’s love
packaged up in an infant so small.
And with firsthand perception
they picture that birth
that took place in a Bethlehem stall.

Yes, a baby’s first Christmas
is really a gift
for it gives brand-new parents a key
to unlocking the joy
and the wonder that’s found
in the truth “God became just like me!”