The Fragile Fabric We Call Families

How holidays stretch what’s easily torn; A New Year Dawns

The Fragile Fabric We Call Families
How holidays stretch what’s easily torn


Seems you can’t live with them
but neither can you live without them.

Families are a complicated composite
of imperfect characters
each with their own
and nightmares.

All the same
our families provide us
with a security blanket of unconditional love,
a homemade comforter of longed-for warmth
and a patchwork quilt of shared memories.

Yet at this time of the year
that fragile fabric can rip or fray
if not handled carefully.
It can be stretched by the stresses of the season
or stained by the blood, sweat and tears
associated with realistic gatherings
and unrealistic expectations.

Familes are God’s priceless treasure
we dare not take for granted.
They are a frabric we must handle with care
and handle with prayer.
(And gratefully,
grace is the stain remover
that takes away the water spots).

A New Year Dawns
Lyrics of hope for 2012

A new year dawns
and with it light to see
a new horizon
of what’s yet to be.
Redemption of
our flawed humanity.
Al-le-lu-ia. Al-le-lu-ia.

A new year grants
permission to be brave
as we move on from
stress’s greedy grave.
From buried dreams
and littered paths unpaved
Al-le-lu-ia. Al-le-lu-ia.

A new year means
the chance to start again.
To grant forgiveness
and to make amends.
To risk departing
from what’s always been.
Al-le-lu-ia. Al-le-lu-ia.

A new year now
invites us to look up
and drink new wine
from faith’s most ancient cup.
Let’s toast the One
whose grace is quite enough..
Al-le-lu-ia. Al-le-lu-ia.

* can be sung to the hymn tune “For All the Saints”