A Faded Bedroom Poster

Why it’s time for a new one; A Giant Leap Remembered

A Faded Bedroom Poster
Why it’s time for a new one

There’s a faded campaign poster
in your college grad’s bedroom *
that announces hope and change that never came.
And your graduate is grousing
’cause he just can’t find a job,
but he’s starting to discover who’s to blame.

Four years ago he bragged about
Obama’s glowing words.
He was wowed by the young candidate’s appeal.
But at last he’s come to realize
those promises were blank
and the call for hope and change weren’t really real.


A Giant Leap Remembered
One final step for Neil Armstrong

A giant leap for all mankind
took place in 1969
the day Neil Armstrong stepped upon
the surface of the moon.

Most all Americans agreed
he earned a place in history.
And since that day he gave us pause
to sing Apollo’s praise.

But now he’s taken one last step
into that realm where souls are kept
by One who made the moon and stars
and calls the stars by name.

Besides the steps Neil Armstrong took,
there’s yet one more within God’s Book.
It is the step of faith by which
we start to walk with Him.

I hope he took that leap of faith
and found God’s love and boundless grace.
He loves us to the moon and back
and proved it through His Son.