Opportunity is what unites us

America. She is our home.
The greatest nation ever known.
A place where hopes are realized
and where dreams still come true.

Republicans and Democrats
(despite their rancor and their spats)
are not divided when it comes
to what unites us all.

We cherish hard-fought liberties
and freedom that is far from free,
where opportunity’s concealed
within Amer-I-CAN.

Yes, I can protest, speak my mind.
I can explore until I find
the way of life that brings me joy
by following my heart.

I can advance. I can succeed.
I can work hard to one day lead
a movement that will strive for peace
or live out righteousness.

I can do almost anything
and so with you I proudly sing
of her… “My country tis of thee,
sweet land of liberty…”