I Pledge Allegiance

Gabby Gifford demonstrates that for which we stand

Gabby doesn’t gab as much
since she was nearly killed.
But when she speaks we listen up
amazed at her strong will.

Like there in Charlotte when we heard
her patriotic pride
and saw her hand above her heart.
(I think I almost cried.)

Undauntedly she bravely pledged
allegiance to the flag.
Her words uneven, monotone.
Her pacing seemed to drag.

But nonetheless she led us all
in words we often speak.
Her left hand held her right in place.
The strong one held the weak.

And with those hands beside her heart
we see a metaphor
of what our nation’s all about.
The values we stand for.

We stand for life instead of death,
for pushing through the pain,
for offering to lend a hand
to one who’s lost his aim.

We stand for courage in harm’s way
and voicing what we know
in spite of times we doubt our words
when progress might be slow.

We stand for those too weak to walk,
for those whose strength inspires.
and standing side-by-side we pledge
a faith that will not tire.