The Day of Atonement Unveiled

What Yom Kippur is all about!

Because God’s people weren’t quite pure,
He instituted Yom Kippur.
A chance for Israel to come clean
confessing all their sins.

Each autumn on Atonement Day
their guilt and shame were washed away.
At-one-ment meant at-odds no more
that God and man be one.

But absolution has a price.
And so a bloody sacrifice
was offered by the great high priest
so to atone for all.

And yet no perfect lamb was found
and guilty hearts remained quite bound
until the Shepherd took our place
becoming one-with-us.

The Lamb of God alone would be
the sacrifice that sets us free
and by His blood the veil was rent
and we’re at-one with Him.

* For my Orthodox Jewish neighbors, Yom Kippur this year is Wednesday, September 26th.
** For those who recognize Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,” our Day of Atonement is “Good Friday.”