A Hymn for the City

A call to reach the urban jungle

In a bustling city that we know as Old Jerusalem,
Jesus walked the streets in search of those imprisoned by their sin.
To the helpless and the homeless He reached out and gave a hand
as He lent His ears to listen and His heart to understand.

In the cities of our nation crime and commerce take their toll
as the din of daily traffic drowns the cry of human souls.
Who will hear them? Who will answer? Who will reach as Jesus did
to the corporate king who’s lonely or the dealer’s wife and kid?

To the city God has called us (near both wealth and poverty)
where a concrete garden blooms with colorful diversity.
Midst the steel and glass of buildings where imaginations soar
we’ve been placed to heal the hurting as the Savior did before.

What began within a garden at the dawn of human time
will conclude within a city where the Lord will reign sublime.
All the saints of all the ages will surround the heav’nly throne
as we worship with the angels in our vast eternal home.

(tune: Ode to Joy)